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Whether you want to hire the best in the world or allow for results based payment we have the tools to get it done right the first time and make sure your project gets the funds it needs to be successful.


Even if you are developing your own tech you still need the right people to do QA and audit the code. Showing the world that your project will actually do what you say it will. If you don't have the tech we have all the right Engineers to make your dream a reality.


Even the best people get bad reviews occasionally. We will not work to remove proof of scams from the internet. But we believe that one customer that had a bad day should not be allowed to ruin your business.


After the money is raised and the project is in use you will always need to be found by the people that need your services. Even though we put this at the end SEO really starts day one when we build the website and edit the whitepaper.

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We provide quality ICO services. In a time when everyone is trying to get in on the high prices, it can be tough to stand out. Please reach out to us directly on the form below.


1Will we work for free?
NO, obviously not. Anyone that tells you they will is not being up front with you.
2Will you work for a share?
Yes, we often will take a cut of the end products that we believe in. Be aware that we can afford to have only a few of these going at a time. If we don't have the resources to front our services its not always because we don't believe in your project.
3Have you worked on other ICO
Yes, we are almost always working with at least 5 ICO's.
4Do you do this full time?
All of our team does their respective job full time. However, we all have existing businesses that require our attention. This works out best for every as we can turn down the majority of ICO's we get asked to do. We are not interested in working with scams or other junk that is flooding the market these days.